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We Will Teach You Exactly How To Use AI to Get 6 Figures Of Business Funding for you and Your Clients In Free This Webinar

On this Live Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • Use AI to automate your funding experience for you clients

  • Earn $25k+ a month passively doing so

  • Get your clients capital outside of just their credit score

  • Obtain over $75k- $100k even with scores as low as 500 and below!

Meet Your Instructors…

Tevin Facey

Tevin Facey

Tevin specializes in Personal and Business Credit, Management, Solutions, and Financial Projections.

As a successful business funding strategist with over 5 years of experience in the field. He has helped a number of small business owners raise hundreds or even thousands on behalf of their businesses needs. Whether it be money they needed to grow further without jeopardizing profits already made; enough capital so that there would no longer needlessly rely upon outside sources such as merchant cash advance, payday loans, etc.; He will help you get an initial thumbs up by banks - all this while making sure your budgets stay within what you've planned!

Meet Your Instructors…

Brandon Jackson

As a mentor and educator Brandon has focused on credit restoration, business entity structure, and business funding. Having funded over a Million dollars, He has laid down a foundation to success for any individual to follow in the path of making a difference in their community and creating generational wealth. It is here where he wants to make sure any individual can comprehend that no matter the circumstances you are in you can always change the direction of where you're headed with education, time, and passion. Learn how to take back your power, Leverage OPM, and buy back your time!

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